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Using the drop down options below, you will be able to create a report detailing customer enquiries made to TfB for up to the last 60 days. 

Choose the problem type from the drop down list, enter from and to dates (with an oldest date of up to 60 days ago) select your area (defaults to the page you are on) and click search.  The number on the right will tell you how many results your search has returned, and details of that result will be listed below.  You can also print the full list if required.  

If you know the individual reference number for a report, you can enter that in the box at the bottom of the page and look at just that individual report.

Problem Type: All types
Date From: 01/10/2022
Date To: 30/11/2022
Area: All Wards
Results: 0

Results: 000